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This injection simulator is intended for dorsogluteal intramuscular injection training and allows up to 30 ml of fluid to be used at a time. Dorsoglueteal injection pad has durable composite base with replaceable and easy to maintain silicone insert. The size of the silicone injection site is large enough to let student decide the right injection locaiton based on provided landmarks. The silicone injection side incorporates a quality absorbent sponge to collect injected liquids and provide realistic experince for students. Proxsimity injection pads provide the highes quality and value among any other brands. 



  • Realistic 3D printed buttock to aid your landmarking techniques.

  • Includes a soft hypoallergenic skin-safe silicone part for injections

  • High-quality cellulose sponge for best absorption of simulated liquids

  • Includes 2 syringes with needles, a pair of nitrile gloves (blue, white, or black).

  • Includes reusable vial for simualting medication draw.

Dorsogluteal Injection Pad

Color Tone
    • Product Size: Thickness - 4.5 in (114mm), Width - 6.7 in (170mm), Length - 7.5 in (190mm).

    • Material: Silicone, PLA plastic.cellulose sponge

    • Available in 3 colours.

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