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Our large injection pad is intended for intramuscular injection training and has been specifically designed to give you optimal room and control when practising. This injection pad allows up to 30 ml of fluid to be used at a time. 



  • Visible tissue layers provide a visual aid for learning and teaching.

  • High-quality cellulose sponge for best absorption of simulated liquids.

  • High-quality hypoallergenic skin-safe silicone that feels like real tissue.

  • Includes 2 syringes (1inch with safety lock), a pair of nitrile gloves (blue, white, or black).

Large Injection Pad

    • Product Size: Thickness - 1.22 in (31mm), Width - 3.5 in (88mm) Length - 5.31 in (135mm).

    • Material: Silicone, cellulose sponge.

    • Available in 2 colours.

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