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Our suture pad offers diverse opportunities for training suturing skills. We have develop a internal organ suturing(FLS) model by selecting the most common type of internal suturing that surgeons will face in real life. We use varying density soft silicone to replicate the delicacy of internal organs. The shapes are indicative of intestine, liver, blood vessels, stomach, muscle tissue and other organs. This model is suitable for both open wound surgery and laparascopic acess surgery training. It can be used on its own, or be combined with any laparascopic box/simulator avaible in the training lab.


Select from from two options: with or without the suturing tools.This model is only avaible in light pink/peach tone



  • Consists of the anti-slip base and high-quality hypoallergenic silicone part for suturing.

  • Softer and more delicate silicone is used to realistically represent delicate internal organs and vessels

  • Common shapes of internal organs, blood vessels, and soft tissue

  • Option to buy with and without tools

  • Hypoallergenic durable silicone

  • Optionally includes a set of suturing tools, 12 monofilament sutures, scalpel blades and a pair of nitrile gloves (blue, white, or black).

  • Add a real surgical skin stapler gun for only $12.99 


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FLS Laparoscopic Internal Organs Suture Pad

    • Product Size: thickness -0.85 in (21.6 mm), width - 5.9 in (149 mm) length - 5.9 in (149 mm).

    • Material: Silicone, PLA plastic.

    • Available in 1 colour.

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