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This injection pad is intended for intramuscular injection training and allows up to 20ml of fluid to be used at a time. Made with 3 layers of soft, life-like silicone and an absorption layer of sponge to contain all the liquids that are injected. This mini injection pad is perfect for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd - year nursing students, as well as experienced nurses for skills refreshment course. Avaible individually and in bulk packaging.



  • Visible tissue layers provide a visual aid for learning and teaching.

  • High-quality cellulose sponge for best absorption of simulated liquids.

  • High-quality hypoallergenic skin-safe silicone that feels like real tissue.

  • Includes 2 syringes (1.5 inches with safety lock), a pair of nitrile gloves (blue, white, or black).

Mini Injection Pad

    • Product Size: Thickness: 1.81 in (46 mm), Width - 3.15 in (80 mm).

    • Material: Silicone, cellulose sponge.

    • Available in 2 colours.


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