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Introducing the Feedback 2.0 - Data Collection and Analysis System, the ultimate tool for medical simulation training. This innovative wearable device collects movement data and utilizes machine learning technology to provide real-time feedback to students. Our system features trained AI models that seamlessly integrate with the ProxSIMity Venipuncture and IV Cannulation sets, and many other procedures currently in development. The wearable device effortlessly connects to your phone via Bluetooth and is fully integrated with the ProxSIMity App, available for download on the App Store. Elevate your medical simulation training with the Feedback 2.0 system and take your students' skills to the next level.


The Feedback 2.0 system combines thousands of trials from many users to provide score to the student practicing venipucture or cannulation. It is able to detect following conditions: Success, Failure, and Fishing. 



  • Multiaxis movement tracking
  • Finger pressure tracking - up to 3 fingers
  • Intelegent machine learning algorithms
  • Compatable with ProxSIMty Venipucture and IV cannulation
  • Compatable with ProxSIMity mobile app
  • Wireless blutooth connection
  • Option to connect to Windows devices to display data
  • Modern design with unlimited colour options 
  • 3 - year industry leading warranty
  • Continuously updated software and firmwar

Feedback 2.0 - Data Collection and Analysis(Beta Version) System

Available early July, 2024
  • All ProxSIMity systems come with 3 year comprehensive warranty that covers manufacturing quality defects. We stand by the quality of our products and will do our best to make you are satisfied with your purchase.

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