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  • 75 cm nylon suture, monofilament superb strength, will not fatigue with normal flexing
  • Exceptionally smooth surface, superior tensile strength, excellent knot security, thread size # 4-0
  • Ultra sharp and stainless steel needle, 18 mm, 3/8 reverse cutting
  • Tool kit includes: 1X needle driver 5”; 1X mosquito forcep 5”; 1X iris scissors 4.5”; 1X adson toothed forcep 5”; 1X scalpel handle #3; 5X scalpel blades #10; free leather case! Not a medic device. For training purposes only. Not for surgi or clinical use.
  • Great quality set: strong, perfectly opposed toothed jaws on the needle driver for superior grip on the needle. Reliable ratchets that lock and unlock with ease. Comfortable finger loops ensure hours of pain-free practice.
  • The suturing needles are individually packed, sealed and sterilized. Ready for use.

    Passed International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and CE requirements. However, these non-absorbable suturing thread is designed only for training and practice uses.

  • Not intended for use on human subjects. Perfect for suture pads training.

  • Perfect for medical, nursing and veterinary training applications.

Suturing Tools and Sutures

    • 24pcs nylon sutures
    • set of 5 suturing tools
    • 5 scalpel blades
    • case
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