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Introducing the ProxSIMity Venupucture Set, the most advanced simulator for training venupucture in various patient conditions. With the ability to simulate more advanced scenarios such as elderly patients, edema swelling, and collapsed veins, this set offers a truly comprehensive training experience. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, this simulator is designed to provide realistic and challenging scenarios to help you enhance your skills.


The lifelike feel and response of the ProxSIMity Venupucture Set make it an invaluable tool for advancing venupucture techniques in a safe and controlled environment. 


ProxSIMity Venupucture Set incorporates unique patented quick-swap design to switch between different conditions. The replacable units are designed to withstand hundreeds of punctures. Once the veins become worn out, you only need to replace the quick-swap units which makes the simulator very affordable and easy to maintain. 


The patient conditions inlcude the following:

  • Patient 1: Healthy Adult - regular veins, smooth skin, light skin tone
  • Patient 2: Elderly Person - thinner veins, delicate, textured skin, medium skin tone
  • Patient 3: Dehydrated Adult - thin veins, lightly textured skin, light skin tone
  • Patient 4: Adult with Edema - textured skin with swelling, pulpuable edema filling, light skin tone
  • Patient 5: Adult with Collapsed Veins - smooth skin texture, veins collapsed with negative pressure, dark skin tone



  • The only venupucture simulator with advanced conditions
  • Soft multilayer realistic tissue
  • Quick-swap patients
  • Diverse skin tone options
  • Reliable and Durable 
  • Affordable replacement parts
  • Full warranty and user support
  • Compatable with ProxSIMity Advanced Learning Interface(coming soon)
  • Compatable with ProxSIMity Blood Unit(coming soon)
  • Satisfaction Gaurantee

Venipuncture Arm with Various Conditions

  • Our IV insertion/Venipucture models can be used on their own or with our blood supply unit to provide immediate blood drwaback. Switch between different patients/conditions simply by replacing the the top of the hand/arm, they easily slide into place. We recommend to use non organic blood pigments(food colouring), clean, and dry the models after every use, this will prevent any smell from stale water in the simulated blood vessels.

    • All of our models are hand-made in Canada.

    • We use the highest quality materials available.

    • We use latex-free, certified skin-safe silicone rubber. High durability silicone can last thousands of injections/ puncutres

    • The products include everything you need to start training from the moment you recive it: tools, gloves, syringes/needles, simulated medicine vials, etc.

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