Practice, Innovate

We connect evidence-based simulation innovation to simulation practice

Learning can happen whenever you are and wherever you are. We stay focused on this desire. We want quality above all else. We want you to practice skills when you need to practice and not when a simulation laboratory is available. That’s why we build our relationship with researchers and health professional through that provide designs and research evidence that our products work.

We Promise Quality At A Fair Price



ProxSIMity was born under the sign of Innovation through its direct-to-consumer business model, and this feature will always be an integral part of our genetic and culture. We’ll always use our innovative attitude to improve the World around us. Our respect for Nature influences the way we manufacture and collect. 
Sustainability is a path that takes us, step by step every day, and once started, we just want to move on it. 
We carefully select our materials and packaging to ensure all our products are manufactured under fair, sweatshop-free conditions. Our challenge is to respect Nature uncompromisingly 
in terms of product performance.

Our Team

Adam Dubrowksi
David Gauldron
Artur Artuinian
Malavan Balachandran

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